Amy Poehler
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesCate Cameron/The CW

Amy Poehler went on the Howard Stern Show and talked about a whole lot of fun things, including life after divorce and that one time she went on a dinner date with John Stamos.

Poehler went on Stern’s show to discuss her new book, Yes Please, when the subject switched to Poehler’s divorce from Will Arnett. Poehler then delved into discussion of her single life, namely a one-off date with Uncle Jesse himself.

“I can’t believe I’m telling this story, but it’s Howard Stern, so there you go. We worked on a movie [They Came Together]. He did a little bit in a movie that I did and a bunch of us hung out. And then later on he’s like, ‘Let’s go get dinner. And it was fine. I remember thinking like, ‘Oh, s—. Like, if this is really a date’ I think I was wearing a Leslie Knope shirt. I think I was wearing a shirt from work,” Poehler said.

Poehler, who is currently dating comedian Nick Kroll, ain’t mad about passing up on some Stamos, telling Stern, “I think everything ended up the way it was supposed to end up.” Who knows, perhaps Poehler’s the one that got away. Take a listen to Poehler’s thoughts on navigating relationships and bonus tidbit: Louis C.K. served as Poehler’s “relationship sponsor.”