By Esther Zuckerman
Updated October 24, 2014 at 08:04 PM EDT
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

So much for waiting until Monday: Taylor Swift’s 1989 has leaked.

So where did this leak come from? Over at Vulture, Lindsey Weber’s sleuthing points to France, or at least somewhere French-speaking. “If you downloaded the original leak, you’ll see that song titles are missing and in their place there are a slew of numbered ‘pistes,'” Weber writes, explaining that “piste” is French for “track.” Furthermore, the album shows up at “Album inconnu” (“unknown album”) in iTunes.

The leaked album includes the three bonus tracks and three voice memos, both of which are available on the deluxe edition available at Target. The second track off the album, “Blank Space,” ended up on YouTube earlier today, though it’s been taken down.

Some Swift fans are not taking the bait, however, tweeting that they refuse to take advantage of the leak. “I refuse to listen to ‘1989’ until Monday. As far as I’m concerned, listening to the leak is disrespectful to @taylorswift13 #Swifties,” one tweeted. Another wrote: “I’M A SWIFTIE I PROMISE, NOT TO LISTEN TO ANY KIND OR SORT OF A LEAK OR READ ANY LYRICS UNTIL 1989 IS OFFICIALLY OUT @taylorswift13” Bill Werde, formerly of Billboard, tweeted: “The Taylor Swift album leak isn’t trending on Twitter. And I think it’s bc her fans are so loyal they won’t tweet it. That’s kinda awesome.”

Swift’s album actually comes out Oct. 27, at which point her liner notes will also be available for analysis.