October 24, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ozzy Osbourne
1992: Retirement Everyone’s favorite bat snacker embarked on the No More Tours tour in 1992.
1995: Return By mid-1995 he was back with the Retirement Sucks tour — and started the behemoth Ozzfest in ’96.

Barbra Streisand
2000: Retirement Babs took several breaks but said she was done performing for good in 2000.
2006: Return Nevah mind! By 2006 she was back with her first U.S. tour since 1994; it earned more than $90 million.

Garth Brooks
2000: Retirement Did alter ego Chris Gaines make him do it? In 2000 Garth bowed out to be with family.
2009: Return Whatever Vegas wants, Vegas gets. He signed on for a five-year Sin City residency in 2009.

2002: Retirement The (thonged) butt of every industry retirement joke launched her Farewell Tour in 2002…
2008: Return …which earned $260 million and lasted three years. In 2008 she said yes to three more at Caesars Palace.

Jay Z
2003: Retirement Hova threw himself a star-packed “retirement party” at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 25, 2003.
2006: Return He said he was done with studio albums, but a Linkin Park collab came in ’04, then a solo disc in ’06.

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