By Kathryn Luttner
Updated October 24, 2014 at 10:09 PM EDT
Colleen Hayes/NBC

Bad news, Braverman fans. Monica Potter says that this really, really is the last season of Parenthood. When the actress stopped by EW Radio, she said Jason Katims and the writers want to end on “a high note” (which is hard to do when each episode sends fans headfirst into a box of Kleenex). But if EW senior writer Sara Vilkomerson has come to terms with this news, we will too. What we won’t be on board with is the fact that Zeek and Camille’s house is now the Bad Judge set. Potter described her and costar Craig T. Nelson’s reaction to this news: “I went, ‘No, no.’ And he goes, ‘What the f—what is this? Why is there a bench here? And whose gavel is this?'”

To give Potter her ideal Parenthood ending, a NBC crew needs to build back that set, because she wants Adam and Kristina to buy back the Berkley house—with the help of the other siblings, of course. Joel and Julia have money to spare, and as Potter said, “Hattie needs to get to work, she’s old enough!” Could this be the Parenthood spin-off we’ve been craving? What would we call it? The Cosby Show spin-off was A Different World, so how about A Different House? House of B?

Listen to Vilkomerson and Potter’s conversation below:

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