Your reactions to our Michael Keaton ''Birdman'' cover, appreciation for our book reviews, and more

By EW Staff
October 24, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Birdman Cometh
I cannot thank you enough for putting Birdman star Michael Keaton on the cover. He is America’s most underrated actor. I have yet to find anyone who can deliver the goods while playing the good guy, goofy guy, villain, family man, psycho, rich man, and poor man the way Keaton can. I look forward to seeing what he brings to life in the decades to come, provided he chooses to do so.
Kathy Canapini
Royal Oak, Mich.

Razor-Sharp Wit
I spent my teen years waiting in anticipation for Saturday nights, when it became cool to be home at 11:30 p.m. as long as you were watching Saturday Night Live. I was an instant Bill Murray mega-fan. Your Binge! section on him was well deserved.
Pat Semon
Springdale, Ark.

I can’t imagine bingeing on Bill Murray without including his turn as Larry Darrell in The Razor’s Edge. It may have been a box office flop (for reasons unfathomable to me), but it was still his first serious role. I bought a ticket when it came out and to this day mention it when underrated movies are discussed.
Ken Loar
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Body Consciousness
I appreciate hearing about positive body-image messages for women. And this is where Meghan Trainor is wrong. A term like ”skinny bitches” is no more acceptable than ”fatso.” It’s infuriating when women want to make some empowering statement about body image and only end up feeding into the hypocrisy. Either you want women to accept their bodies or you don’t — leave size out of it.
Andrea Kozek

First Lady of Laughter
On the day we learned that Jan Hooks had died, I came home and saw my new issue of EW. It was an eerie coincidence — and a bittersweet tribute — to see her featured in two of the SNL segments that readers named as their favorites (Feedback). R.I.P., Jan.
David Keneipp
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Rotten at the Core
I chuckled when you said Whiplash actor J.K. Simmons was mostly known for playing ”hangdog good guys” in his career (Movies). How could anyone forget his chilling stint as Vern Schillinger, the sadistic neo-Nazi inmate on Oz? That’s one of the highlights on his résumé.
Debra Hayek
Youngsville, N.C.

Rave Review
I renew my subscription year after year for the book reviews. EW has filled my to-read list, entertained my book club, and introduced me to amazing authors I wouldn’t have found on my own. Now I always have an answer when someone asks if I’ve read anything good lately!
Jill Nagiel
Ellicott City, Md.

House of Horror
The freaks have only just rolled into town, and American Horror Story is already looking toward its next act. Readers speculate on the just-announced season 5.

”I’d like to see them take on the Wendigo, the Jersey Devil, or Bigfoot, with an ’80s backdrop. And please tell me Stockard Channing will be getting a call. The show is begging for her!” —Blake Ranking

”Hitchcock’s Stage Fright was mentioned in episode 1. Maybe it’ll be about a company of stage actors? Theaters are often rumored to be haunted, and then there’s the whole Showgirls backstabbing angle.” —JJ

”It’s hard to imagine the show without Jessica Lange as the lead. Hopefully Ryan Murphy is already in talks with Michelle Pfeiffer or Sharon Stone for next season.” —Northern Lights

”In the premiere, Elsa told the candy striper she was too young to be surrounded by death and disease. So it could be about a nationwide sickness. That is a real American horror story.” —Matty Carlos Pineda