To celebrate the release of ''Dr. Katz Live'' — a new album featuring performances by B.J. Novak, Eugene Mirman, and Andy Kindler — ''Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist'' co-creator and star Jonathan Katz reflects on some of the comedians who got their break on his Comedy Central couch

By Kyle Anderson
Updated October 24, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

H. Jon Benjamin
Before voicing Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher, Benjamin was Katz’s aimless son, Ben. ”Like Ben, I think Jon Benjamin was a slacker,” Katz says. ”Not that he wasn’t ambitious and talented, but he would take the path of least resistance. Jon and [costar] Laura [Silverman] were a couple. Then things started going south, and we used their misery to our own advantage.”

Ray Romano
Romano got animated a year before his sitcom debuted. ”Before Raymond, this was his biggest credit,” says Katz. ”We did stand-up in Las Vegas. He was staying at the Tropicana, and I was staying at a dumpy little motel off the Strip. They didn’t have keno, they just had a woman who’d say, ‘I’m thinking of a number between one and 10.”’

Louis C.K.
The Louie creator was in Dr. Katz‘s second season. ”I talked to a woman who taught him in high school, and she claims she suggested that Louis get in touch with me,” says Katz. ”I have no memory of that, but I remember doing stand-up with him. He had a joke I really loved, which was how his grandfather made up the expression ‘Come here, big guy.”’