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Calzona fans are in for a roller coaster ride during this week’s Callie and Arizona-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

After years of skirting around their issues—from Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) leaving for Africa, during which time Callie (Sara Ramirez) got knocked up by Mark, to Arizona losing her leg and eventually cheating on her wife—the couple will finally sit down for a much-needed therapy session.

“Everything leading up to this point has been a series of band aids,” Ramirez tells EW. “Callie and Arizona are basically not communicating. Callie has some resistance towards therapy, but therapy turns out to be a great place to air grievances and concerns and to also bring up the miscommunication that has led them up to this point. They definitely get a chance to clear up some stuff.”

But the therapist will suggest a pretty shocking course of treatment that could end up being the downfall of their relationship. “She thinks it’s crazy,” Ramirez teases. “She has a really hard time with it.”

Fortunately, Callie will be able to lean on Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)—which will involve a lot of alcohol. “Meredith is going through her dysfunction in her relationship with Derek,” Ramirez says. “They bond over having issues with their partners. And they also end up working together a lot. They actually end up working on a case where a man beats cancer, is in remission, then the cancer comes back and the cancer attacks his bones. They’re working on this case, and in the process, Meredith is also encouraging Callie to go to the bar and let loose a little.”

Find out if Callie and Arizona’s marriage can survive on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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