Elijah Ring

If you plan on flying Air New Zealand in the near future, you may notice a safety video with some better production values than you’re used to.

To celebrate the release of the final film (that we know of) in The Lord of the Rings’ cinematic franchise, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Air New Zealand has gone all out on its newest safety video.

Whether it’s an orc demonstrating proper oxygen mask usage or director Peter Jackson himself reminding passengers to stow their electronics during takeoff, the airline’s safety video may be the most extravagant one any airline has produced. At the very least, it’ll make you believe a hobbit can fly, with an aisle seat, that is.

While the video makes no mention of what to do in the case of a flight over Mount Doom, the video should also be taken as Air New Zealand throwing the gauntlet down and challenging other airlines to step up their cheesy safety videos.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
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  • 170 minutes