October 21, 2014 at 08:07 PM EDT

Run the Jewels, a rap duo made up of El-P and Killer Mike, have two albums coming up: Run the Jewels 2 and Meow the Jewels, which is composed entirely of cat sounds.

Meow the Jewels was never supposed to actually happen. El-P just decided that he’d offer a bunch of bogus bonus packages on the album’s pre-order site, all of them ridiculously expensive (there’s one for $10 million) and ridiculously, uh, ridiculous. One fan clung to Meow the Jewels package, priced at $40,000, though, and made a Kickstarter to get it funded. And the Kickstarter was successful: On Oct. 15, it met its goal of $45,100.

El-P plans to donate all the money earned to Mike Brown and Eric Garner’s families—the opportunity to give back was one of the reasons he agreed to actually go through with making the album. “Originally, I didn’t want anybody wasting their money on something that was just some joke that I made,” El-P told EW earlier this month. “But it quickly turned into something a little bit more special than that.”

Producers including Zola Jesus and Just Blaze have already signed on to help out with the album, but there’s still an important part missing: The actual cats. So El-P visited Brooklyn’s BARC Shelter to play some tracks and audition the cats. Not all the felines were into it, though. “This is going to be tough,” El-P says as an uninterested cat moseys about. “They keep showing me their a–holes.”


RTJ2 comes out Oct. 27. Meow the Jewels doesn’t have a release date at this time.

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