Back To The Future II Hoverboard
Credit: Everett Collection

One day, we’re all going to have let go of Back to the Future II. We’re just running out of time, you see. 2015 is almost here, and we still need roads. Our clothes can’t adjust themselves (although they look the part). And going to the movies is still nothing like this. But one thing still seems within our grasp: the hoverboard.

A company called Hendo Hover claims to have finally built a working hoverboard, and have started a Kickstarter in order to put the tech out in the hands of upstart developers around the world. They even have a (really melodramatic) video!

But don’t get too excited: the hover tech Hendo has developed doesn’t really let you hover over everything but water, like we’ve all been trained to expect. Instead, it uses magnetic levitation (maglev) technology similar to those used by high-speed trains like the Japanese ‘Bullet Train.’ Since the maglev pads only work on non-ferrous metals like copper, you wouldn’t be able to take the Hendo hoverboard anywhere, either.

Of course, whether or not you’ll ever see one of these depends on Hendo reaching their funding goal. But it’s not unlikely—so far, the folks at Hendo have received $94,360 of the $250,000 needed to fund the project, and there are still 54 days to go. In reality though, we still have almost a full year before we screw up this particular part of the Back to the Future timetable.

It’s not like we haven’t been burned before. There’s no way we’d be disappointed again. Right? Right.