Credit: MCA/Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

When Back to the Future celebrates its 30th anniversary next May, the movie will sound like new. Better than new, actually, because select concert venues will present Robert Zemeckis’s time-jumping blockbuster along with a live orchestra performing Alan Silvestri’s memorable score in sync with the film.

So when Marty McFly hits 88 miles per hour in Doc’s DeLorean and leaves only a tire-trail of flames behind, it might sound like you’re making your own acoustic leap to 1985.

The world premiere of the live-music cinematic event—a joint collaboration between Universal, IMG Artists, and the Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency—will be performed by the 21st Century Orchestra in Lucerne, Switzerland in late May. Silvestri, who worked with Zemeckis on 14 movies, is writing 15 minutes of new music for the film that will be performed exclusively at these anniversary screenings.

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