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All 500+ episodes of The Simpsons in one place—available to watch whenever and wherever you want? That’s unpossible!

At least, it will be… until Tuesday, when Fox launches its much-anticipated Simpsons World app and website. In a release that went wide Monday afternoon, FX revealed that the Simpsons smorgasbord will feature every episode of the sitcom’s first 25 seasons—552 in total—as well as every new episode from the series’ 26th season, available the day after each one first airs on Fox. In addition to on-demand episode viewing, the app—available via FX’s FXNOW app and—will boast the following features, according to the release:

– Video content that will greet users the moment they enter the experience

– “Everything Simpsons,” a dynamic newsfeed showcasing the latest Simpsons news, social media updates, “Did You Know” fun facts, featured episode playlists and clips

– “The Simpsons Heartbeat” which organizes the complete catalogue of episodes by popularity

– A premium video player that will provide recommendations to other clips and episodes users would enjoy as well as the ability for users to share content on their social networks

– A simple, intuitive way to browse through the catalogue by season, playlist, most popular episodes and exclusive video content

– A responsive search function allowing users to find video of their favorite characters and guest stars in the entire catalogue or any of the nearly 3,000 clips

Current Simpsons showrunner and executive producer Al Jean, in a statement, may have said it best: “Hello ‘Simpsons World,’ goodbye free time!”

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