Hagrids Hut
Credit: Kevin Kolczynski

Apparently not content to have simply invented the world of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling is constructing it too.

Rowling has designs to build a hut with a “striking resemblance” to Hagrid’s Hogwarts digs on her Scottish estate, according to The Telegraph.

Per The Telegraph, it will be a “circular structure, open to the front, with a stone bench and slate roof,” and will be located on the precipice of a forest. No idea whether that forest is indeed forbidden, though The Telegraph does report that the estate has a loch that is rumored to be home to a “murderous water sprite.” Rowling’s plans were approved on the condition that no trees are harmed or felled in its construction.

Rowling seems to be going for the movie version of Hagrid’s hut, given that she initially described his residence as a “a small wooden house.” The movies, and Rowling, upgraded that to stone.

Perhaps this will be a good spot for Rowling to work on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There is, after all, a movie trilogy on the way.