By Emily Blake
October 16, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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We’ve arrived at the first stop of Foo FightersSonic Highways  with a lead single straight out of Chicago.

“Something from Nothing,” recorded in the Windy City with producer Steve Albini, dropped on Thursday, a day before the band’s eight-part docuseries, also titled Sonic Highways, premieres on HBO. Dave Grohl and co. recorded the album’s eight tracks in eight different cities across the country—Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and New York—and from the sounds of “Something from Nothing,” there will be nods throughout each track from their respective hometowns, both in subject matter and influence.

“Something from Nothing” is about “a city on fire”—no doubt a reference to that huge fire in Chicago a while back—and just as Grohl growls “it started with a spark and burned into the dark,” the track, too, seems  builds from something reserved to something far more savage.

Sonic Highways drops Nov. 10. Before then, you can catch their HBO documentary, followed by a livestream concert from Chicago’s The Cubby Bear, where they’ll perform “Something from Nothing” for the first time. Fans can watch on HBO’s Facebook page.

Here’s the full Sonic Highways tracklist:

1. Something From Nothing

2. The Feast and The Famine

3. Congregation

4. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness

5. Outside

6. In The Clear

7. Subterranean

8. I Am A River

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