October 16, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

After creating quite a bit of chatter at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival—made only louder by a rather fierce bidding war—we’re finally getting our first look at Chris Rock’s Top Five with the film’s first trailer.

Rock, who co-wrote and directed the film, stars as Andre Allen, “the funniest man in America,” star of the blockbuster “Hammy the Bear” series, and fiance of reality star Erica Long (Gabrielle Union). But there’s one problem: he’s kind of over being funny.

Rosario Dawson plays New York Times journalist Chelsea Brown, who, in an effort to get something “real” from the actor, asks him point-blank: “How come you’re not funny anymore?”

But if there’s one thing we learned from the trailer, it’s that this guy’s hilarious. Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, Cedric the Entertainer, Ben Vereen, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld and more also star.

Top Five hits select theaters starting Dec. 5 and nationwide Dec. 13.


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