By Joshua Rivera
Updated October 16, 2014 at 08:16 PM EDT
IPad Air 2
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Like a cool dad who just can’t help but show off all his cool new gizmos, Apple is back one month after unveiling it’s big new iPhones and super fancy watches in order to show a little love to the other things it makes. If today’s event seemed a little less buzzy to you, it’s probably because it was more of a mixed bag of an event with a number of announcements in several categories, as opposed to the crowd-pleasing Cracker Jack of an iPhone event with the attention-grabbing “surprise” of the Apple Watch at the bottom.

That doesn’t mean interesting things didn’t happen. Here’s what we learned about today:

The iPad Air 2. Ostensibly the show’s headline act, Apple’s marquee tablet is now thinner and faster than ever. In addition to Touch ID and Apple Pay, all the usual hardware upgrades apply: a new processor, improved cameras, a better display (with less glare!) and the slow-mo camera feature that we first saw on the iPhone 5S. The tablets will set you back anywhere between $499 to $829, depending on your storage space (16GB-128GB) and connectivity (WiFi/WiFi + LTE) preferences.

OS X Yosemite is now available. The latest update to Apple’s desktop/laptop operating system is now available as a free upgrade in the Mac App store. These usually come with dozens of tweaks and features, but there is a big one for anyone who primarily uses Apple products: Continuity, which will allow users to seamlessly hand off whatever you’re doing on one device (like an iPhone) to another (like a MacBook).

27-inch iMac with Retina Display. Apple’s new marquee desktop is coming with the best display the company has. Called the Retina 5K, Apple says that the display is better than our current benchmark in UltraHD, 4K, displaying 67 percent more pixels. The rest of the machine is what you’d expect: harder, better, faster, stronger—and $2,499.

Apple Pay. You already know about this, but it’ll be ready for you to use this Monday, Oct. 20.

The Mac Mini finally gets an update.Its first in two years. The device looks pretty much the same, but has all the latest tech inside. It starts at $499.

The iPad Mini kind of gets an update. While it’s called the iPad mini 3, there are only two real changes: it comes with Touch ID, and you can buy it in gold. The insides are staying exactly the same, and it’ll start at $399—$100 more than the iPad Mini 2, which will remain available.

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s pretty much exactly what was leaked in the weeks prior.