Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

AMC has announced the cast for Humans, a science fiction drama set in the parallel present, where “Synths”—high-tech robotic servants—are all the rage.

Based on the Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans, the show centers on a suburban family that purchases a refurbished synth only to realize that merging life with machine have unforeseen consequences.

Hurt will play George Millican, a widower who treats his synth, Odi, like his own son. Katherine Parkinson and Tom Goodman Hill play couple Laura and Joe, who try to ease their marital problems by buying a synth, Anita, played by Gemma Chan. Colin Morgan, Rebecca Front, and Neil Maskell also join the cast.

Humans, co-produced by AMC, Channel 4, and Kudos, is set to shoot in the U.K. this week. Humans is set to premiere on Channel 4 and AMC in 2015.