Since Best Coast debuted with 2010’s Crazy for You, the L.A. duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno has enjoyed steady buzz in the indie-music scene, which continued with 2012’s The Only Place and last year’s EP, Fade Away. But the acclaim was more or less predestined for Cosentino, who did some acting as a kid and had attention from record labels as a teenager. (She rebuffed their plans to turn her into a bubblegum pop star.)

After playing in a couple projects in L.A., Cosentino hooked up with Bruno, and the resulting success has kept her on the road for most of the past four years.

For episode two of Polished, we caught her during some rare extended downtime ahead of a busy 2015 to talk about her new religion, living on the road, and fan-girling out when she meets her heroes.

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