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UPDATE: A representative from Lego said “We currently are [in] consideration several television formats, including reality TV competition,” but that there were no other details to share at this time.

ORIGINAL STORY: After leaving its mark on the box office—and making plans to continue its rule—Lego may be trying to build up its presence on television.

At the Mipcom TV conference in Cannes, Lego’s vice president of global licensing and distribution, Jill Wilfert, mentioned that the company is looking into the reality competition TV show format. Wilfert later told The Guardian that the company is planning a reality TV series for 2015.

What would such a show revolve around? According to The Guardian, one possible idea would incorporate the concept of Master Builders, which were a group introduced in The Lego Movie. The film describes Master Builders as those who can create complex Lego designs without the need for written instructions.

Master Builders are, of course, fictional in the film, but presumably a real-life Master Builder would be someone who can assemble very impressive Lego creations. Wilfert said the topic is in contention for a show because “the idea of becoming a Master Builder is something we think could be quite resonating.” At this point, no other ideas have been publicly discussed.

No matter what the show eventually focuses on, there’s really only one choice for its theme song.

A Lego representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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