By Teresa Jue
October 14, 2014 at 01:47 PM EDT

Dax Shepard went into some Magic Mike mode to prepare for his nude scene in This Is Where I Leave You.

On Monday night, Dax Shepard went on Conan to talk about suffering from “tall white guy syndrome,” which Shepard explains is “where your back just goes into your legs. There’s really no butt cheeks there.” To prepare for filming in the buff, Shepard pumped up his posterior with lunges and squats, but that wasn’t the only booty issue he was worried about. Shepard was self-conscious about the hair between the cheeks, which Andy Richter euphemistically referred to as “a forest in the valley.”

Watch Shepard talk about how his wife, Kristen Bell, was tasked with trimming his “forest” with an electric clipper.