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Who killed the Canary? That’s exactly what Laurel plans to uncover as she takes steps toward becoming the Black Canary Arrow fans know from the comics.

In the wake of Sara’s (Caity Lotz) death, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) will set her sights on getting revenge, hoping to uncover the identity of the mystery man who shot three arrows into her sister’s gut. While Oliver (Stephen Amell) may not be too happy with that plan, Laurel will find help elsewhere from new addition Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez). Will she get justice for Sara’s murder? EW caught up with Cassidy to get the scoop:

How will Sara’s death impact Laurel moving forward?

Sara is a huge part of Laurel’s journey and their relationship and the bond between the two of them. The thing that’s great about our show is that it takes place over different time periods. Having witnessed what Laurel witnessed in the premiere, I hope and I think that fans will be happy. She will somehow dig deep enough and rise above it and maybe perhaps head down that path that her sister was on.

Is Sara’s death the catalyst that drives her to follow in her sister’s footsteps?

The Green Arrow needs Black Canary. It’s always been the two of them. I think comic book fans will be happy. Season 3 is a great journey for Laurel. If it was me, personally, it would drive me towards that direction, absolutely.

Will Laurel tell her father about Sara’s death?

I’m not sure if Laurel is going to have the strength to tell her father. I don’t know if she wants to put her father through that. Some things are better left unsaid.

Might Sara’s death bring Laurel closer to her father?

I feel like if it brings her closer to anyone, I feel like it’s going to bring her closer to her sister. I know that sounds strange, but I feel like there’s a bond between them. Whether her sister lights a fire under Laurel and encourages her, she definitely has rage and anger that she has to deal with. Her sister is somebody she has looked up to.

Nyssa (Katrina Law) will be coming back to town. How will Laurel feel about her?

You’ll definitely see Laurel and Nyssa butt heads, but you’ll see the respect and mutual understanding between the two and where that will take them.

Does Laurel blame Nyssa for Sara’s death?

I think she blames a lot of people. In some ways, she blames herself. At this point, where she is emotionally, I almost don’t think she’s gotten to the place of thinking clearly and actually pointing fingers. You’ll definitely see her lash out at times, but she’s more just trying to get revenge and figure out how, who, what? She wants to be the one to take down whoever took Sara down.

She’ll find help from Ted “Wildcat” Grant. Will he be training her to become the Black Canary?

At first they butt heads, but at the end of the day, Ted really sees the warrior in Laurel and sees that she’s a fighter. I’ve been boxing and training and I’m so excited and having a blast getting to be able to do that. He sees that she has the spirit and the drive. She has it in her. He embraces it and encourages it. As long as she does it the correct way and learn the basics and doesn’t just go lashing out, he’s very supportive. The relationship between the two of them is great. I think there’s a good dynamic there.

Is he also a love interest for her?

As far as exploring that aspect of it, I don’t want to say they’ve gotten to that point, but Laurel has an amazing arc. I’m very excited about it and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers started that. J.R. is wonderful and is a great actor and has been a pleasure to work with.

What’s her relationship like with Oliver now? Is there any jealousy toward Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards)?

They’re best friends and have been best friends for life, even though there’s been hard times and good times. Their bond is so strong that if he romantically gets involved with Felicity, she’s going to be able to separate the two. I’m not sure that Oliver is going to be on board with Laurel taking on this role of wanting to get revenge, find out who did this to her sister, fight back and be training. I have a feeling he’ll probably be against that at first. At the end of the day, he’ll look at her and think, “Wow, she has what it takes. She is a warrior.” I think he’ll end up having respect for that.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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