By Mandi Bierly
October 13, 2014 at 05:46 PM EDT
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Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter announced Sunday that he’d finished the series finale script with a screen grab of an “early draft” of the final shot.

Apparently some fans missed the joke, because he felt the need to clarify (in his traditional NSFW way).

From chatting with Sutter for EW‘s recent cover story, we know the final frame is one he spent a lot of time debating. “You know, I totally understood the whole ­Sopranos cut-to-black thing,” he said. “I think I have a sense of what ­[David] Chase was trying to ­accomplish with that, in terms of that it’s not something that can be tied up, and that it ultimately goes on. I definitely want to have the sense that people will walk away feeling satisfied but also having a sense of wonder: Now what happens?”

So it won’t be Jax taking his sons to a carnival—and considering that FX Networks CEO John Landgraf joked at the show’s September premiere screening that Sutter’s finale pitch involved last-man-standing Unser with the boys, we can probably rule that out as well.

What’s your dream final shot?

EW asked Jimmy Smits (Nero) the question last month. His answer: “I would just hope it’s some kind of real iconic John Ford-Sam Peckinpah-Western motorcycle outlaw shot, riding off into the sunset,” he says. “We don’t know who it’s gonna be. It might be Chucky on his Vespa trying to escape. ‘Let me take my hands and get out of here.'”

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