Box Office Mojo, the well-respected movie website that the industry and media rely on to tabulate and analyze the grosses of blockbusters and bombs, is back online after a weekend of uncertainty. On Friday, just as financial figures were trickling in for The Judge and Dracula Untold, the site went dark, and its URL address redirected to, the website that purchased Mojo in 2008. (, in turn, is owned by

Late Saturday night, Mojo reappeared, but the site’s homepage, which is typically stuffed with stories after a weekend of new releases, was notably analysis free. On Twitter, Mojo’s editor Ray Subers announced that there were no personal issues behind the blip—if it was a blip—but that an explanation would not be forthcoming.

When IMDb purchased Mojo in 2008, readers were assured that the box-office site would remain a standalone business. IMDb did not immediately respond to EW‘s request for comment.