By Madison Vain
Updated October 10, 2014 at 04:06 PM EDT

There was a time pre-Diplo. Really. Ten years ago—long before the Vegas residencies, the star-studded recording sessions, headlining festivals, and all the many, many hits—a 25-year-old Diplo was just releasing his first album, Florida, on Big Dada Records. He threw the collection up on his Soundcloud page this week and announced that the album would be reissued with unreleased tracks on Black Friday (Nov. 28).

On his celebratory Instagram he captioned: “10 years ago.. i made my first album, ‘Florida,’ between a small apartment in Philly and my mom’s house in Florida.. i was working late nights and taking a bus through the city every night, smoking some weed, putting on headphones & just making things I never heard before and could just imagine.. making this record created an entirely new world for me. now that i think back it’s a very strange beginning and it’s crazy it’s been 10 years since it’s first release but really this record represents my first 23 years of life.. what i had inside of me and where i came from so i’m excited to revisit it.. i put it up on soundcloud for all of you to hear.. a special re-release will come black friday”

The album is remarkably up-to-date, but given that Diplo has been the zeitgeist in music over the last handful of years, his future-casting ability should perhaps not be too surprising.

Aside from taking a trip down memory lane, Diplo also took a trip to Texas this week for Austin City Limits.

By the account of most reviews, Major Lazer blew the lid off Saturday night. T-shirts were thrown. Dancing was had. Bass was dropped. If you’re feeling left-out, don’t fret: You can catch him again this weekend for ACL round two. Major Lazer is on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

He also went to the L.A. Clippers practice, presumably to help Blake Griffin with his jump shot.

And updated his Diplo & Friends Spotify Playlist. Feel free to start your weekend there.