By Emily Blake
Updated October 10, 2014 at 11:58 PM EDT
Ellen Show

After Shia LaBeouf’s rather tumultuous and at-times humiliating 2014—a year that included a series of embarrassing incidents in which he was accused of plagiarism and, most recently, being escorted from a Broadway show in handcuffs—the actor is finally addressing head-on what he calls his “existential crisis.”

Six months after his headline-making appearance at the Nymphomaniac premiere, the actor appeared (sans his “I am not famous anymore” paper bag) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the host asked him point-blank: “What happened?”

“Man, I went through, like, an existential crisis, which turned into some explorations,” he replied. “I had some hiccups, some judgment errors.”

He also opened up about his #IAMSORRY art exhibit, which he said was not only a genuine apology, but a way to “invite” the negativity. He said the hatred online he encountered online stemmed from the same insecurities that he faces: Namely, abandonment and a “lack of attention and love.”

See the full interview below: