Please Like Me
Credit: Pivot

As Please Like Me heads into its second season finale, Josh (Josh Thomas) finds himself caught between two romantic prospects.

A few weeks back, Josh fell into a courtship with his clinically anxious new friend Arnold (Keegan Joyce) literally hours after his roommate/nearly requited love Patrick (Charles Cottier) kicked him out of bed. But after a disastrous first date with Arnold, Patrick suddenly returns to complicate Josh’s life once again.

Though Thomas didn’t address whether Patrick could make Josh forget how much he hurt him, he did he tell EW that “the big question [in terms of Arnold] is whether it’s a good idea for Josh to be dating somebody who’s mentally unwell. Does Josh have the tools to do that?”

In an exclusive clip, several elements of Josh’s weird, wonderful world come together as he drops a little “therapy” on Arnold, only to be distracted by Patrick’s decision to take a late-night skinnydip. “I’m always trying to get bums in,” laughs Thomas, “but most actors don’t want to do it.” Apparently Cottier had no objections….

Please Like Me‘s season 2 finale airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. on Pivot.

Please Like Me
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