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Coming off the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone wanted to get their hands on Rocket Racoon and Groot figures, plushies, posters–basically anything that evoked the breakout characters. But Disney may face some competition with…itself, and that's all thanks to Baymax in Big Hero 6.

At Disney's New York Comic Con panel, several new scenes were shown from the film, which releases on Nov. 7. And while all of the titular heroes enjoyed some time in the spotlight, from the first to the last scene, the film's robotic healthcare specialist Baymax stole the show.

The first clip featured very little of the lovable robot, instead introducing each of the big heroes referenced in the title. Protagonist Hiro Hamada's brother Tadashi invites him to his lab where the colorful cast of characters is hard at work. GoGo Tomago is the "Clint Eastwood" of the group, according to her voice actress Jamie Chung—she doesn't say much, but when she needs to, it's important. Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.) is very particular about his surroundings, Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) is bursting with energy and enthusiasm, and Fred (T.J. Miller) is their college's mascot by day and also by night, even though he's not even a student.

The scene is a great snapshot of a group of characters who have wildly different looks and personalities, but the scene eventually settles into Hiro's first introduction with Baymax, voiced by 30 Rock's Scott Adsit. The meeting actually plays out quite similarly to another clip from the film, which either indicates some major edits done to the film, or simply a recurring set of jokes about Baymax's healthcare abilities.

The next sequence shown picks up after the extended sequence in the first trailer, where Baymax tapes his arm up. Low on battery and in need of a recharge station. Hiro (Ryan Potter) has to sneak Baymax past his aunt and into his room. The only problem is, Baymax is essentially a drunk, stumbling robot at this point, so he proves more than a handful for Hiro.

It's best to leave the scene's individual jokes a surprise, but the drunken performance was supposedly a tough one for Adsit, who said he has only been drunk once in his life, a claim moderator Chris Hardwick backed up.

Another couple of clips were screened, including Baymax's first training montage, transforming him from robotic nurse to robotic ninja of doom. A fantastic chase sequence through the streets of San Fransokyo was also showcased, in which the film's mysterious kabuki-mask-wearing villain attempts to take out the entire team. The film looks like it will include Disney's trademark blend of comedy and pathos, falling line more with the recent Disney animation mold than the Marvel film formula.

That's not to say the action is a weak point—the chase is expertly shot and, even out of context, an intense ride that doesn't forget to have moments of levity. And the vibrant mashup of Eastern and Western culture in San Fransokyo helps to set the film apart from its animated brethren.

But, in the end, there's no denying how central Baymax looks to be to the film. Even when the scenes are about other characters, Baymax will likely score the biggest laughs, as he often did in the packed convention center. The panel even ended with what must have either been a plant or a quickly put together segment, in which Baymax appeared to analyze the crowd's health, only to specifically call out a crowd member who cosplayed with a hatchet sticking out of his head.

Adsit is clearly game to do whatever the role calls for—he mentioned how he for years tried to get into the very convention center he was now onstage in but never could—and if the rest of the film can live up to the hilarious antics of Baymax, there may be plenty more to love about Big Hero 6 than just its Disney and Marvel roots.

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