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Paul Feig is the man to call. Feig confirmed on Twitter that he is indeed working on a new Ghostbusters movie starring women, and is bringing his The Heat collaborator Katie Dippold along with him.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Dippold was going to co-write the project with Feig earlier today. In August various outlets reported that Feig was in talks to direct the movie. Variety reported then that his film would not be a sequel, but rather a reboot with female Ghostbusters.

Now it’s time to let casting speculation begin. The combination of Feig and Dippold raises hopes that Melissa McCarthy will be involved. After all, Feig re-teamed with McCarthy for The Heat after she shined in Bridesmaids, which he also directed. McCarthy is also on the list of women Bill Murray floated when asked about the reboot at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Toronto Star reported that Murray’s ideal Ghostbusters would be McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini, and Emma Stone.

Feig’s announcement give hope for the future of the franchise, which has long been in question. After Harold Ramis died in February, Ivan Reitman backed out of directing the third Ghostbusters film.

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