The Goldbergs
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“We were the stuff of legends,” says Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg in the upcoming episode of The Goldbergs. “Well, in our minds.”

This week on The Goldbergs, siblings Adam and Barry Goldberg start their own garage band in hopes of one day hitting it big and rocking out on stage while glitter cannons erupt in glorious ’80s style. The episode—the third of the hit comedy’s second season—is directed by The Wonder Years star Fred Savage. Which seems oddly appropriate—not only did music by Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell, and Paul Simon flavor the Americana bent of the ’80s hit, but as Kevin, Savage also had his own garage band: The Electric Shoes.

And in keeping with the premise of the ABC comedy, the upcoming episode takes its inspiration from creator Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood.

“I was obsessed with them as a kid. I remember running down the hallway screaming ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.’ It was really one of those childhood anthems that really stirred you up and made you want to rebel,” Goldberg recently told EW of his infatuation with Twisted Sister. “[Twisted Sister is] really excited that I was such a big fan.”

In this exclusive clip, watch Adam and Barry rock out with their rendition of the Twisted Sister power anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

The Goldbergs airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 ET on ABC.

The Goldbergs

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