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October 07, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Supernatural‘s 10th season kicked off with an hour full of karaoke, mystery, at least one kidnapping, and then some more karaoke. By the end of it, Sam’s hunt for Dean was halted, and Dean had left his karaoke mic behind to escape his brother’s grasp. But what happened to Sam’s shoulder? And what is Crowley’s master plan?

We chatted with showrunner Jeremy Carver to talk about the events of the premiere, what’s next, and this year’s introduction of witch Rowena:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The premiere had a great tease around Sam’s shoulder and what happened there, what exactly he did. How long will that mystery play out? Will we get a glimpse into Sam and Cas hunting for Dean?

JEREMY CARVER: It’s something that is left, certainly in the early going of the season, as more of a mystery, a reference. It’s something we certainly don’t go back to earlier on. That was sort of letting less speak for more, as it were, in terms of this reference as to what could’ve happened, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t revisit that specific incident in the future.

I want to clarify something. Crowley said the Mark of Cain had to be sated or else Dean goes full Demon? Isn’t he already?

Crowley is saying, “I’m keeping you sharp by giving you demons to kill and that is sating the Mark because the Mark needs to be sated, and if you don’t sate the Mark, then the Mark eventually takes you over even more.” So [Dean’s] on this knife’s edge of yes, the Mark has already turned Dean into a demon, so if you don’t sort of feed the beast, the Mark will potentially take you over even more.

Okay, that makes more sense. But Dean wasn’t the only one hurting in this premiere. When I talked to Jensen [Ackles], he told me that the issue of Cas’ grace would be “addressed but not cured.” I wanted to get your thoughts on that.

It’s absolutely a story point, certainly where he comes into the season and it drives many of the decisions he makes or does not make in terms of what he would need to do to replenish his grace that he’s not quite willing to do. So [there’s] the question of, “If his grace is fading out and he doesn’t want to replenish it, how is this guy going to stay alive?” So that’s part of the plot of the early going of the season, and then this, “How am I going to get my grace back?” is something that kicks in later on in the season as well. So it’s very much there, but I think Jensen put if perfectly.

I want to talk about Crowley’s arc this season. He had that line about building the perfect Hell, but for the moment, he’s just been tagging along with Dean. Does he have a bigger plan that he’s sitting on?

It’s actually a very personal story this year, for Crowley and all of our other characters. You’re going to see this relationship between Dean and Crowley really be put to the test. Look, this is sort of a surprising relationship between the two guys that formed last year and I think both are a little bit surprised by the fact that they actually, in a weird, begrudging way, sort of feed off each other even when Dean isn’t a demon. But it’s not so much of a grander plan, it’s more of a taking stock of the grander scheme of things—”Where do we all fit into this universe?” And at a certain point here in this season, this idea of humans being friends with demons being friends with angels, it’s all going to come to a head of “Who are you? Who am I? And am I really the type of person who is friends with this type of person or monster?” And it’s all going to come to a head.

I’ve read some things about Rowena, who’s been teased as an old-school witch looking to reclaim her power base. What can you say about this new character?

We’ll meet her early on and then we start to understand the power base that was taken away from her. The idea of witches and covens and grand covens start to come into play as we start to introduce some elements of old school witchery into the show.

That’s exciting!

Yeah! We’ve always gone to it in certain ways but yeah, she’s a very neat character who brings a really cool dynamic to the show.

So does that mean witchery will be a part of this year’s “personal mythology”?

I mean yes and no. Yes in that the boys have to come up against it, but as of right now, not much more than that.

So once Dean and Sam are back to normal, can we expect this personal mythology to be an all-encompassing venture, or will we get back to the case-of-the-week format?

It’s both. We’ll come out with a small handful of mythology episodes to start the season, then we start to get into some of the standalones, but they always involve issues that are still lingering, especially with the boys. The season-long mythology sort of unfolds in a much more personal and a bit more slow-moving way this year, but I think because it’s so personal, it’s going to pack something more of a punch.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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