Amazing Amy

Amy Dunne of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl always had to live her life in the shadow of another Amy—Amazing Amy, the star of children’s books written by her parents.

And fans can sample the books thatmade Amy famous before that whole matter of her disappearance with preview of The Complete Amazing Amy, available to download via iTunes. “Written by Amy’s doting psychologist parents, these charming picture books address kids’ burning questions, like: Should I always tell the truth? Can I bend this rule? Should I try a little harder?” the description reads. “This sampler lets you follow along on some of Amazing Amy’s adventures as she leads by example and makes good, smart, positive choices.”

Those who have read Gone Girl or seen the movie will recognize some of the Amazing Amy story lines depicted, including Amazing Amy’s wedding to Able Andy. “As Amy returned Andy’s gentle smile, she knew exactly what her guests gathered around the cake were seeing. The perfect couple, who were always meant to be,” the Amazing Amy text reads. Also familiar to book readers: the scene from Amazing Amy Tattle Tale in which Amy has to decide whether to tell on her friend Brian who overfed a class turtle.

Kirk Van Wormer, the artist David Fincher tapped to illustrate Amazing Amy, told Yahoo Movies that Amazing Amy was not what he was expecting when he was enlisted for a Fincher project. “I have a background in horror, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’m ready to go, David Fincher!’ And then he wanted cute, adorable children’s illustrations that remind us of the seventies,” he said.

Pair the iBook with Amy’s Pinterest account and the world of Gone Girl is immersive off screen as well. Those who know how Amy Dunne truly felt about Amazing Amy—and how Gone Girl ultimately turns out—might find Rand and Marybeth Elliott’s books a little, well, unnerving.

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