Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster

Guardians of the Galaxy is already the highest-grossing movie of all time to feature both a talking tree and a talking raccoon. And it hasn’t even opened in China, the country where every week a billion people go see Hollywood movies–or at least, that’s what Hollywood tells itself in the mirror on those bad mornings when American ticket sales are in perpetual decline. According to Guardians director James Gunn, the film has received a rather entertaining title-translation:

In fairness, Interplanetary Unusual Attack Team is a fairly accurate way to describe the movie to people who don’t understand the concept of blue people fighting green people to get the purple stone, or whatever the actual plot of Guardians of the Galaxy was.

Predictably, the killjoys over at Reddit are insisting that Interplanetary Unusual Attack Team is actually the Taiwanese title for the movie, and also that the title on that poster involves the use of traditional characters and not simplified characters, which is an important distinction that would take awhile to explain–almost as long as it would take to explain Thanos’ nine-thousand-part plan for conquering the universe. (#2,347: Lose yet another Infinity Stone. #2,348: Hang out until the Dr. Strange cameo.) Some experts say that the translated title is closer to Interstellar Special Ability Team or Interstellar Different Commandos, and no one has yet stepped to admit that the actual title all along was Avengers 2: Star Wars.

Guardians of the Galaxy
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