By Teresa Jue
Updated October 06, 2014 at 02:52 PM EDT
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Big names and big competition are brewing when Alpha House returns for its second season.

Republican senators Gil John Biggs (John Goodman) Robert Bettencourt (Clark Johnson), Louis Laffer (Matt Malloy), and Andy Guzman (Mark Consuelos) return, still living together as roomies as midterm elections loom with new Democratic challengers. In this new, exclusive trailer for season two, it looks like Biggs’ seat is threatened by a young up-and-comer while Senator Guzman grooms himself for a 2016 presidential bid, which wouldn’t be so hard if it weren’t for a few romantic entanglements along the way.

Bill Murray returns as incarcerated senator Vernon Smits as one of a slew of upcoming guest stars, which also include John McCain, Rachel Maddow, and Matt Lauer.

Alpha House will return for season two with all 10 episodes on Friday, Oct. 24 on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Alpha House

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