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The Walking Dead is coming back! What can you tease? — Derek

The season premiere is a nail-biting, jaw-dropping, stomach-turning, fast-paced—shall I go on?—hour that will leave you on the edge of your seat. While I can’t give too much away, I will say that the group prevents Rick from taking certain action that could come back to haunt them later. What’s scarier is that there’s a particular scene from the trailer that didn’t happen in the first episode and has me extremely nervous that the worst has yet to come.

When will the Penguin make his way to Gotham? — Andrew

We’ll actually see him hit town again next week. He’ll do whatever it takes not to end up in Fish Mooney’s grasp, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake and turning to new potential allies. But his reemergence may be a blessing in disguise for Gordon after someone hears whispers that he was behind Cobblepot’s murder. Good thing the Penguin isn’t really dead, right?

Obviously it was pretty thrilling to see Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah get their own spinoff, but unfortunately we didn’t really learn anything new about the Mikaelson family in the first season of The Originals. Will we get to see any of their family history in the second season? — Cara

The short answer: Yes. More specifically, executive producer Michael Narducci reveals that we’re going to see “how the Originals wound up leaving Europe and coming to America.” Additionally, expect to learn much more about Mikael and Esther. “What’s their story? Where do they come from? In episode 16 last season, Klaus says, ‘Something made my father the way he was,'” Narducci said. “We want to tell that story. Why does he go around hunting his children and calling himself the destroyer and hating what he is?” Raise your hand if you’d watch a spinoff of a spinoff simply titled, Mikael Mikaelson.

Anything How to Get Away with Murder? — Jason

We’re actually going to learn a lot more about Rudy, the mysterious law student who inhabited Wes’ apartment before him that apparently went crazy. “I want that to be a slow burn story, but we will definitely understand how those scratches came to be,” says executive producer Pete Nowalk, who humored me when I floated a theory that the Bonnie could have something to do with his breakdown. “You’re not far off at all. No theory is far off.”

What about The Mentalist? — Sarah

What about it? Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a premiere date just yet, but I’ve learned that Good Wife star Dylan Baker has landed a guest-starring role as Special Agent Bill Peterson, a hard-nosed veteran DEA agent who was Abbott’s boss when the two worked together at a border station known as Rio Bravo. Tough and wily, Peterson knows where all the skeletons are buried—including some of Abbott’s—and isn’t afraid to use that knowledge to his advantage when Jane and the FBI investigate the death of one of Peterson’s agents.

I need some hope for Calzona on Grey’s Anatomy. — Hailee

I can’t give you hope, but I can reveal that later this month we’ll get a Callie and Arizona-centric episode that will really explore the ups and downs of their relationship.

Any scoop on Arrow‘s Ray Palmer or his relationship with Felicity? — Dana

We know that Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) will make a play for Queen Consolidated, but the way he goes about it is very questionable–and shockingly involves Felicity. Also, would it surprise you that Arrow and Scandal have something in common this season? Once you see Felicity’s new job, you’ll understand.

What’s coming up on The Blacklist? — Tindra

Ressler will basically hit rock bottom with his pill addiction at the worst possible time: During a mission in which he crosses paths with Matthew Kincaid (Addams Family‘s Carel Struycken), who, while childish in nature, is a somewhat disturbed man who lives with his mother (Phyllis Sommerville) in a remote area of Alaska.

How soon until we see Elizabeth Mitchell on Once Upon a Time? — Rene

You won’t have to wait much longer, but you may be surprised to hear that the Snow Queen isn’t necessarily focused on Elsa. “The Snow Queen definitely has her sights on Emma for a particular reasons,” Jennifer Morrison teases. Speaking of icy new characters, Ginnifer Goodwin reveals that Snow will share a connection with Elsa. “We do cross paths, and Elsa does provide some solace in some ways,” the actress says. “She and Snow are able to relate about some things down the line in the season that I found to be surprising and powerful.”

Do you have any Chin scoop for Hawaii Five-0? — Linc

Word on the street is that Daniel Baldwin will reprise his role as villain Paul Delano later this season, though details on his return are scarce. I’m sure he’ll set his sights on making Chin’s life a living hell once again.

Best news I’ve heard all week: You’re the Worst has been renewed for a second season. Trash juice for everyone!

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