Reviews of the new songs from Kendrick Lamar and Fergie

By Adam Markovitz and Kyle Anderson
Updated October 03, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Kendrick Lamar, ”I”
Even though the Compton native’s California roots are clearly a major part of his street-level worldview, his sonic approach has always been eclectic — so it’s not completely surprising that the lead single from the follow-up to his Grammy-nominated debut brims with Southern-fried genre bending. Shifting between singsongy ambling and a machine-gun cadence, he handily tames a track built around the Isley Brothers’ classic ”That Lady.” Like all of Lamar’s best output, it’ll make you shake and think. A-Kyle Anderson

Fergie, ”L.A. Love”
If Schoolhouse Rock hired Iggy Azalea to teach a geography lesson, it might sound like Fergie’s medium-hot comeback single, which pairs a nicely chillaxed beat with confusing rap boasts (”From the plaques to the uh-uh/Everything phat”) and a Carmen Sandiego-worthy list of Ferg’s favorite places: Quebec, Russia, Rio, and so on. We’ll chalk this one up to jet lag. BAdam Markovitz