Reviews of the new records from Thom Yorke, Weezer, and Hozier

Thom Yorke, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes
Surprise! The Radiohead frontman (alongside longtime producer Nigel Godrich) just unleashed a sudden solo album on the world via BitTorrent, and it’s another splendid soundtrack to the last moments of human bliss before our robot overlords crush us. Despite an abundance of trademark bloops, Boxes is the most human Yorke has sounded in years, especially on the sweet radioactive throb ”Interference.” B+ Kyle Anderson

Weezer, Everything Will Be Alright in the End
Once again, Rivers Cuomo is his own best critic: ”Alright” is the perfect way to describe his band’s ninth album, their first in four years. The killer hooks of Weezer’s ’90s zenith aren’t here, but Cuomo’s endearingly dorky lyrics still are. When he sings lines like ”Don’t wanna end with as much edge as a balloon” (”I’ve Had It Up to Here”), the 44-year-old sounds like he’s got enough leftover teen angst to fill another nine albums. B-Adam Markovitz

Hozier, Hozier
The Irish singer-songwriter — he of the current indie-playlist staple ”Take Me to Church” — possesses a voice that’s remarkable not only for its tonal beauty but also for its versatility. He’s more than capable of drifting smoothly between bluesy soul, juke-joint R&B, and drinking-song folk on his hearty debut. And like many of his countrymen, he’s a born storyteller; lean in for the dreamy, swelling fantasy ”Jackie and Wilson.” A-Kyle Anderson