By Mandi Bierly
September 30, 2014 at 11:24 PM EDT

Theo Rossi will admit he was competitive playing Scene It? with his friends when they first moved from New York to LA, so it’s no surprise that he’s an entertainment junkie. To prove it, the man who plays Juice on FX’s Sons of Anarchy sat down to take one of our Pop Culture Personality Tests.

Watch the video and read the transcript the below—then feel guilty for thinking Juice must die this season.

EW: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Rossi: My first celebrity crush was actually Alyssa Milano. I remember. Who’s the Boss? I remember. Not aging and dating myself, but…I remember she did a workout video. Why do I know that? I might have had it. I’m trying to think…actually, that’s wrong. She wasn’t. Christie Brinkley, from Vacation. I was just a little tyke. In that red Ferrari, the whole bit, the Griswolds. I was done. It was over for me. And then she popped up in the Billy Joel video and then everything went south.

What did you watch late at night growing up that you shouldn’t have?

Listen, this was the days of scrambled cable, when you were trying to see HBO and all that stuff—catch a boob or something. [Something] I always knew I was up too late and I’d always watch was The Honeymooners. I was a big Honeymooners fan. And I always knew: It came on, I think, it was 11:30 on Channel 5. I had school the next day, but I always stayed up and watched it.

What’s your prized pop culture possession?

Pop culture… I have a lot of old Star Wars figures, but that doesn’t count, I would say, because a lot of people do that. The old wrestling guys that didn’t move, you know Big John Studd and Hulk Hogan. I have the old A-Team toys. Then they made it into a movie, kinda destroyed the TV show. No offense. G.I. Joe stuff, the originals, the guys who had the hair, like the real hair. [Laughs] I have a lot of different things… I have Paul Newman everything. I have a German film poster from The Verdict. China movie posters from Cool Hand Luke. I think if there’s anybody you should kind of emulate—not just in this business but in anything in life—it should be that guy.

What TV moment has made you cry?

Boardwalk Empire, Richard Harrow. That kinda got me. Because he was like going towards the train, he had gotten out of everything. And I’ve always kinda seen that character and Juice had a lot of similarities in the way they navigated through being misunderstood and kinda all this stuff. That got me. I don’t know if I was like Juice cryin’ on it, but I was definitely like Tig cryin’, just like a hard cry.

Final score: Pop Culture Aficionado

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