By Jonathon Dornbush
September 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

In our fall TV preview, we broke down each day into what to watch live and what to DVR. Here’s your Fall Sunday night game plan:

8 p.m.

Watch: Gotham (Fox): Bruce Wayne is here, but at only 11 years old, Gotham puts the focus on detective Jim Gordon, his partner Harvey Bullock, and the criminals who will one day become the most infamous faces in Gotham. Deemed the ‘most promising show’ of the fall season, Gotham looks to focus on the dark forces at work and the few trying to stop them before a certain caped crusader is old enough to don the cowl.

DVR: The Big Bang Theory/Mom (8:30) (CBS): While the return of Mom has been pushed until Oct. 30, the power couple consisting of TV’s most successful comedy and one of its most promising from last season is still worth viewers’ time. Theory is locked in for three more seasons, while Mom comes off an Emmy win for Allison Janney, who will continue to navigate the difficulties of life with her daughter Christy (Anna Faris).

9 p.m.

Watch: Sleepy Hollow (Fox): Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills were in a less than ideal situation after last season’s finale, and don’t expect their lives to ease up any time soon. The two will continue to fight off the impending apocalypse while uncovering more of America’s supernatural past, which includes some surprising revelations about Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold.

DVR: Jane the Virgin (The CW): Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, Jane the Virgin follows a rule-bound Latina student who is accidentally inseminated during a routine ob-gyn checkup. With a promising lead in Gina Rodriguez, the show may just find a home among the CW’s family of superheroes and supernatural beings. Premieres Oct. 13.

10 p.m.

Watch: The Blacklist/State of Affairs (NBC): The Blacklist returns with a small time jump after Elizabeth shoots and possibly kills her husband. Meanwhile, Red looks to be engaging in an all-out war with Berlin. The show will take a midseason break when State of Affairs takes over on Nov. 17. Katherine Heigl returns to TV as CIA analyst Charleston Tucker. Though the show’s had some behind-the-scenes turnover, it continues on ahead of its November release.

DVR: Are You the One? (MTV): The reality series that puts perfect matches into a house together as they attempt to discover who that ideal mate returns with a twist. Instead of 20 houseguests, there will be 21 in the second season, with one of the women being a second perfect match for one of the men. Find out if these couples can find “the one” while living at a Puerto Rican beach house when the show returns on Oct. 6.