By Jonathon Dornbush
September 28, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
Gene Page/AMC

In our fall TV preview, we broke down each day into what to watch live and what to DVR. Here’s your fall Sunday-night game plan:

8 p.m.

Watch: The Simpsons/Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8:30 p.m.) (Fox): Homer and the family return on a somber note, as a familiar character will meet his or her death in the season premiere. The Simpsons will also run into their Tracy Ullman Show counterparts and the cast of Futurama later in the season. Meanwhile, the 99th precinct will see Jake return from his undercover FBI mission while dealing with a Mob mistress played by guest star Jenny Slate in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season premiere.

DVR: Madam Secretary (CBS): Téa Leoni stars as a CIA analyst-turned-professor who’s called back to Washington to serve as secretary of state. Surrounded by an impressive supporting cast including Bebe Neuwirth and Keith Carradine as the President, Leoni balances her home life with helping run the free world.

9 p.m.

Watch: The Walking Dead (AMC): Trapped in a train car in Terminus, Rick Grimes and the other survivors will have to battle for their freedom. But if they can escape, the show’s producers promise it won’t be without a cost. Premieres Oct. 12.

DVR: The Good Wife (CBS): Fresh off Julianna Margulies’ Emmy win, the show returned last week with Alicia having just been offered the State’s Attorney position Peter once held. Whether she vies for the role will remain a mystery for at least a little while, but the producers promise there will be much more of Eli and Alicia together this season.

10 p.m.

Watch: The Affair (Showtime): Dominic West and Ruth Wilson star in Showtime’s newest drama as a a couple committing, as the title suggests, an affair with one another while having to deal with the problems of their own marriages at home. Premieres Oct. 12.

DVR: Revenge (ABC): Last season of Revenge ended with one of the show’s biggest cliff-hangers. David Clarke is still alive, and with Aiden dead and Victoria committed to a mental hospital, there’s plenty of fallout for Emily to contend with in the new season.