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Many fans of The Walking Dead have been hoping for a while now for poor Daryl Dixon to find true love. At first, shippers targeted Carol as a potential love interest for the crossbow-wielding warrior. However, last season, a new potential pair emerged as Daryl and Beth spent a good chunk of time together downing booze and burning down cabins. Then Beth had to go missing and ruin everything.

However, we saw in the season 5 trailer that Beth is indeed still alive (and on the receiving end of a nasty blow to the face). So there is hope these two could be reunited at some point. Should that happen, is there a chance for romance? “I don’t know,” said Emily Kinney (who plays Beth) when she paid a visit to Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). “You have to wait and find out.” But Kinney did confirm that there are indeed feelings of some sort between the two survivors. “I would say last season what you saw, there’s definitely a connection, and a connection that’s growing. And they care about each other a lot, and so there’s definitely something really special there.”

Kinney was less enthusiastic about my proposed combo name for the pair. Fans have given Beth and Daryl the nickname Bethyl, which for my money simply doesn’t measure up to the Carol/Daryl combo of Caryl. Also, why would you go Bethyl when you can also go with Deth, a much more appropriate moniker for them considering the subject matter of the program? Kinney was not so keen on my “Deth” suggestion: “That makes us sound doomed. Like Beth and Daryl together equals death. It’s not good for either of them.” Okay, point granted.

Kinney was pretty mum on where Beth is exactly (looks like a hospital to us) but she was able to talk about the fact that at least for the first part of the season she is working alone as opposed to with the rest of the main cast, whose characters all seem to be reunited in or close to Terminus. “It’s kind of like Beth, I am sort of isolated,” says Kinney. “All this stuff this season is really exciting and really awesome and I’m having a blast, but like last season, we were separated. So towards the end of the season I didn’t get to work with Lauren, who’s one of my best friends, or Steven. And plus, now the show is so big we all go and travel when we have time off so we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to.”

Kinney also talked about how the cast is often left just as much in the dark as viewers as to what is coming up on the show. “Between seasons we’ll have meetings [with the producers] talking about where do we think this character is going emotionally, and dealing with circumstances, and I always feel like I leave going, ‘Wait so what’s gonna happen?’ It’s like they find a way to not tell you anything. They’re training us. We’ll go into this meeting and they’ll be like, ‘Okay, were going to tell you what’s going on with the plot this season and what’s going on with your character and let’s talk about how we want to play it.’ And then you leave the meeting and you’re like, ‘Wait, so what is going to happen?’

And that lack of information extends to finding out when their characters may get killed off, as the actors are traditionally given only about two weeks of notice. All that uncertainly when it comes to job security can make any long term planning a bit difficult. “I remember I would be like, ‘Oh, should I get some furniture for my apartment in Atlanta,’” says Kinney about wondering if she was about to be killed off. “Stuff like that kind of drives you crazy because you’re like, ‘Well, I don’t really want to buy this table if I’m just going to be killed off. But I would like to have this table if I’m going to be here for the next however many years.’ So it can get a little bit like that, so I just got the point where I’m just going to get the table for the apartment so I can sit down and eat at the table.”

One person was not so lucky making his future arrangements. “I know Scott Wilson [who played Hershel] had been living at a hotel,” recalls Kinney. “And then it was last season where he finally got a nice little house, and his wife was living with him. So it’s one of those things that you do wish, especially with Scott, that they had given him more of a heads up, just for the planning of your life.” Here’s hoping Kinney gets plenty of more years of use out of that table.

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