Norman Reedus already spoke eloquently to us about the evolution of Daryl Dixon throughout the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead. It was thoughtful and moving. But what if the zombie apocalypse had never happened? We asked Reedus what he thinks Daryl would be up to if life as they knew it had never changed. And judging by his answer, maybe this whole killer plague has not have been such a bad thing for Mr. Dixon after all.

“I think if the zombie apocalypse didn’t happen, Daryl would be probably with his brother doing crime,” Reedus told us while taking a break from his recent EW cover shoot. “I think he would probably be up to no good. I think he would probably have no friends but his brother.” But then here comes the pièce de résistance, as Reedus considered what Daryl would be like as a person now in a world untainted by human misery and death. “He would just probably be an a–hole.”

Hey, points for honesty. Watch Reedus wax hilarious about Daryl by clicking on the video player below. And as an added bonus, see him inform costar Andrew Lincoln about how “I’m just looking at my package.” Norman Reedus, ladies and gentlemen!

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