Your analysis of the Homer-Peter chicken fight in the ''Simpsons''/''Family Guy'' crossover, praise for our ''Chart Attack'', and more

By EW Staff
Updated September 26, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Battle of the Bulge
Regarding Homer and Peter’s chicken fight in the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover (#1328): They have the same deficits (drinking, laziness, gluttony), but both have bad tempers and lack inhibitions, which will make them fearsome combatants. Peter has the edge in slugging toe-to-toe, but Homer has the edge when it comes to tricky maneuvers (as shown in his fight with George H.W. Bush in season 7).
Charles Hoffman
Los Angeles

Just the Facts
It was great to see ”Chart Attack” in the magazine. Thanks for allowing readers to once again see what the masses are flocking to — it’s such an important aspect of your publication.
Andrew Billings
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Unfinished Business
Dan Stevens gave us three seasons on Downton Abbey, but one gets the impression he did so only because of his contract. It’s a shame he didn’t emulate George Clooney on ER a little more on that front (he wouldn’t even do one more episode to tie up Matthew Crawley’s story line?!).
Yvonne Jocks
Euless, Tex.

Going Off the Grid
In your Fall TV Preview (#1329/ 1330), why did you replace the programming grids with ”Your Perfect Night”? The old grids were a useful tool in planning a night of TV watching that was legitimately mine. Your perfect night includes conglomerations of the letters N, C, I, and S and Chuck Lorre’s patented humorless hackery. No thanks.
Michael Randois
Via iPad

Geek Unchic
I was pleased to see The Flash in ”Six Can’t-Miss New TV Shows.” Then you had to ruin it by saying that ”television can let its geek flag fly.” Six shows this season are based on comic books, and the year’s two biggest films are superhero movies. You don’t have this kind of success if only ”geeks” enjoy the genre.
Russ Stevens
Dallas, N.C.

Please Don’t Stop the Music
I loved Season Kent‘s fall playlist (Music). I find many of my favorite songs from the shows I watch, and I always wonder about the people responsible for soundtracking epic scenes. After reading this, I downloaded several of the songs. Please give us more of these recommendations!
Leigh Mardovich
Lloyd Harbor, N.Y.

The Queen of Comedy
I so enjoyed looking back on Joan Rivers10 most memorable projects (News and Notes). I’d add the 1978 film she directed, Rabbit Test, starring Billy Crystal as the first pregnant man.
Anthony J. Ogans
Visalia, Calif.

First Impressions: Red Band Society
Did the Fox pilot deliver or disappoint? Readers go with their gut.

”I liked the premise and I’m intrigued by a medical show told from the patient’s POV, but I had trouble believing a lot of what went on in this episode.” —QXPCH

”I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a fun, early-Glee atmosphere, but with the backdrop of the hospital. I am calling it Glee’s Anatomy.” —JUST HAVIN FUN.

”This was just too silly. The dialogue made me laugh out loud a couple of times. And not because it was intentionally funny.” —ML3515

Corrections: Them, the combined, shorter cut of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, was first proposed by the filmmakers, not by distributor Harvey Weinstein (#1329/1330, Movies). The on-set photograph of the cast and director of Ghostbusters II was taken in 1989 (#1329/1330, Movies).