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Family Guy returns for season 13 with a vengeanceor at least the most-anticipated crossover episode in years as the Griffins spend some quality time in Springfield with the Simpsons (Sept. 28, 9 p.m. Fox). “I don’t have any expectations that it will start world peace,” executive producer Steve Callaghan tells EW. “I hope it entertains people for an hour, and I hope it puts to rest rumors that there’s a big feud between us and The Simpsons. And I hope it gets people to end global warming.” If that’s the goal of the premiere, how high did Family Guy aim with the rest of the season? Read on to see what’s in store for the Quahog bunch in this upcoming batch of episodes.

Griffins, meet the Simpsons. Simpsons, these are the Griffins. “It is a Family Guy episode and not a Simpsons episode, and I think it does have maybe a little more of a Family Guy feel to it,” says Callaghan. “But we also tried to respect what The Simpsons are all about.” (You can find out more about the episode right here.) “The Simpsons Guy” aims to give you the characters from both shows interacting in ways that you’d want—or possibly not expect. For example, Stewie and Bart share plenty of screen time together, with the former looking up to the latter and his original prankster ways. “It was really fun to watch Stewie, who is normally the kind of the guy who’s in charge, be kind of the insecure suck-up,” he says. “That was a natural way to explore a different side of Stewie.”

Chris is taken on an Excellent Adventure. In another episode, when it looks like Chris is going to fail his history test, Stewie and Brian fire up the newly rebuilt time machine and whisk him away on a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure-style journey to learn history firsthand. “I don’t want to spoil the episode too much, but I can say this: Toward the end of the second act, Chris ends up separating himself from Stewie and Brian, and ends up boarding the Titanic.”

Stewie searches his soul. The youngest of the Griffins moves up from the green room to the purple room at preschool. Stewie is not in a celebratory mood, though. “It causes him to realize that his life is passing him by and he deserves to take a gap year,” says Callaghan. “So he and Brian end up at a Coachella-type music festival, where Stewie hopes to find his true self.”

And Meg’s sole is searched for… on the Internet, after she unwittingly becomes a foot fetish model in that same episode.

Two turkeys almost ruin Thanksgiving. That would be Peter and Brian, who get drunk the night before Thanksgiving in the T-Day episode and devour Lois’ turkey. Furious, Lois orders them to get a new one, which is no easy task on the big day. “They go on this epic odyssey all around in the vicinity of Quahog, trying to find a turkey,” says Callaghan. “And they end up getting one from the last place you’d expect.”

Holy crap! Jesus makes his return in the Christmas episode. “The guys find out he’s a virgin and decide to help him have sex for the first time,” says Callaghan. Is Family Guy bracing for some backlash on that one? “We have a joke that addresses that exact point, that we’re probably going to irritate some people with that episode,” he says.

In the show’s 250th episode, Stewie is plotting world domination for two… when he becomes pregnant with Brian’s baby. Uh, care to explain that one, Steve? “Stewie is starting to feel like Brian is a little distant lately and he doesn’t want to hang out with him,” says Callaghan. “He looks next door and sees that when the Joe and Bonnie had Susie, it made everything better in their marriage. So he draws the conclusion that having a baby is what brings people closer together. And so he—I’ll just say that he manages to collect some of Brian’s DNA, and he builds a device through which he can take that DNA and impregnate himself. And none of this happens with any of Brian’s knowledge.” Anything you can say about delivery day? “When Stewie ends up giving birth,” he says, “it’s not what anyone expects.”

Peter takes on Taken star Liam Neeson. In another episode, anytime that Peter drinks too much, he rants that he could kick Liam Neeson’s ass. Fed up with all of the intoxicated bragging, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland bring Peter to the set of a Liam Neeson movie so he can fight the action star and this matter can finally be settled. How badass is Neeson’s guest-star performance? “This ranks up there with Taken,” says Callaghan. “Maybe not Taken 2, but definitely Taken.”

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