Could Elsa and Anna be based on real people? That’s what New Jersey-based author Isabella Tanikumi is claiming in a new lawsuit filed against Disney.

In the lawsuit, Tanikumi claims that Disney’s hit film, Frozen, infringed on the copyright of her books, Living My Truth and Yearning of the Heart, both of which were taken from Tanikumi’s life story. According to the suit, “characters, plots, subplots and storyline” were taken from Tanikumi’s works in order to create Frozen.

In the suit, filed on Sept. 21, Tanikumi offers 18 instances of similar material, including details on the village, the sisters, the older sister accidentally hurting the younger sister, the younger sister losing her memory, and even two male characters that Tanikumi had named Hans and Christoff. In the film, the male characters are Hans and Kristoff. And in another example, Tanikumi cites “hands to the sky with sprinkles,” comparing her book cover to the film’s DVD cover.

Tanikumi is demanding a trial by jury. The suit asks for a restraining order for Disney to “cease and desist from any and all sales, distribution and marketing of Frozen in any media front, as well as money damages in the amount of $250,000,000.00, together with costs of suit, and such other relief as the court may deem appropriate.”

Disney did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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