Brooklyn Nine Nine 201
Credit: John Fleenor/Fox

Better call this one in: Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is returning to the streets—and to your flat-screens—on Sept. 28 at 8:30 p.m. It’s been a long wait, as the season finale in May left us hanging from a cliff made out of exclamation points and question marks: Jake is working undercover for the FBI!?!?! He confessed his crush to Amy!?!?! And what the—Charles slept with Gina!?!?! So, what barely legal hijinks can you expect in season two from first-degree wiseass detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), absolute-opposite-of-wiseass Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), and the rest of the precinct? EW got a briefing from Samberg and executive producer Dan Goor.

• The season-two premiere, which picks up six months after the season-one finale, will address that trio of cliffhangers. “The payoff of one of the three involves a velour sweat suit,” says Goor. “I won’t say which.”

• Let’s discuss that FBI one for a moment. Jenny Slate (Samberg’s former SNL co-star) guest-stars in the premiere as a mob mistress who could help Jake close out his case. “She knows the location of a mobster that Jake is looking for, but she’s very tight-lipped,” Goor says, “and Jake has to go head-to-head with her to get it out.”

By the way, how has the daffy detective been faring in his undercover gig? “It’s gone well. He’s used his chameleon skills,” Samberg quips. “That’s the beautiful thing about a television show: You just say things are true and then they are true. In this world, we are to believe that Jake has integrated himself seamlessly into the mob and earned their trust.”

• There will be some clarification on the nebulous situation between Jake and his type-A partner, Amy (Melissa Fumero), but maybe not resolution. “It gets juicier and messier and even more complicated than last year,” hints Goor. Says Samberg with a laugh: “They definitely have a talk.” And how would he characterize their relationship this season? “Their dynamic is very interesting and not straightforward will-they-or-won’t they?, which I like,” he says. “It’s more complicated and real-world than that.”

• A trendy treat plays a part in one episode as Jake and Terry (Terry Crews) investigate a murder at a Brooklyn gourmet chocolate milk shop. “We’ve talked a lot about how part of the joy of setting the show in Brooklyn is exploring the very real-life hipster subculture in Brooklyn, or I guess, above-subculture at this point,” says Samberg. “This dives into that and shows a little of that heightened hyper-foodie world—the exaggerated, less-savory side.”

• What do pigs play? Pigskin, of course. And the second NYPD-FDNY football game will be well-received: Former NFL Pro-Bowl wide receiver Terrell Owens has been activated for the guest roster. “Fire Marshal Boone (guest star Patton Oswalt) is sick of being destroyed by Terry pretty much singlehandedly, so he brings in a ringer,” explains Goor, “and that ringer is T.O.” Reports Samberg: “Terrell was real funny and I got to see his speed. For me, it was cool because I’m a big 49ers fan so I got to ride his jock and tell him how much the Green Bay touchdown meant to me.”

• In the Halloween episode, Jake and Holt will battle over who is the smartest and most capable person in the precinct. Any other Halloween hints? “Let’s just say that involves a disgraced magician’s tuxedo,” says Goor. “And a party bus,” adds Samberg. “A party bus comes into play. Just when you thought a party bus would not come into play…”

• Jake won’t be the only one giving Holt fits: The Closer vet Kyra Sedgwick guest-stars in at least three episodes as Deputy Chief Madeline Wunch, Holt’s nemesis for 30 years who now has been promoted above him. “She has the Nine-Nine and Holt in her sights,” says Goor. “In a lot of ways she’s like a female Holt. She’s deadpan and all business. At one point, he shows a graph that’s all black-and-white, but it has one line that’s red, and she accuses him of trying to ‘wow’ her with his ‘light shows.’ That’s the level of her gravitas.” Sedgwick seems to have embraced the role; she even pitched a flashback for her character and Holt that the producers ended up shooting. “Seeing her and Andre going toe-to-toe is a sight to behold,” notes Samberg. “I would say Andre is on absolute fire this season. The writers have been delivering some major league home runs with Holt, and Andre, true to form, has been delivering.”

• Jake’s habit of bringing classified case files home lands him in hot water with an internal affairs investigator who is searching for a mole. “Things get pretty intense,” Goor teases. “He wears Holt’s dog as a bra in one scene.”

• FLOORGASM DRAMA ALERT. Gina (Chelsea Peretti) is devastated when her dance group’s next move may be to kick her to the curb. In related or unrelated news, “she changes her spirit animal to a naked mole rat from a wolf,” Goor says.

• The Pontiac Bandit made a smooth getaway last season, but he’ll come back into Jake’s life again. In the Christmas episode, In this year’s Christmas episode, Jake has to team up with the charming car thief (Craig Robinson) to bring down a drug kingpin. “The Pontiac bandit once again comes into Jake’s life, and once again is his best criminal friend and his greatest nemesis,” says Goor. “He must work intimately with the Pontiac Bandit—the two of them eat Lobster Thermidor while wearing bathrobes.”

• Jake’s love life will get more chaotic one way or another. Eva Longoria will appear in three episodes as a defense attorney named Sophia who catches Jake’s eye. One problem: She’s on the opposite side of a court case that he’s involved with. “Despite the fact that Sophia is a defense attorney—a natural enemy of the police—she poses a potential romantic complication for Jake,” says Goor.

• Did we say Jake’s love life gets complicated? It sounds like the rest of it is no picnic either. “I will say that Jake’s taking a little bit of a beating this year, which I like,” says Samberg. “There’s a lot testing his resolve, physically and emotionally. We’ve been sore the last couple of weeks.”

• Wait—can we just talk about what happened between Gina and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio), who seemed shocked and appalled that they wound up in bed together? Goor isn’t spilling much, but he does say that there is “an unexpected twist that definitely impacts how they relate to one another over the next five or six episodes.”

• Winner, best one-line tease from Goor: “For a series of drills, Terry has to be a seven-year old-boy, an 80-year old woman, and an unattended backpack.”

• Runner-up, best one-line tease from Goor: “Charles learns five new sexual positions.”