Meet the charming 25-year-old Brit who plays one of the star pupils on ''How to Get Away With Murder''... just don't expect him to give away any of the show's secrets

By Tim Stack
Updated September 26, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Despite a résumé that includes theatrical productions of Coriolanus and Antigone as well as guest spots on Sherlock and Broadchurch, Alfred Enoch didn’t think he had a chance of getting cast on ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder — based solely on his location. ”We have this expression in the U.K., ‘Coals to Newcastle,”’ says the London native, referring to the pointlessness of carrying coal to a big mining town. ”So it’s like, ‘What’s the need of taking actors to America?’ I guess I got lucky and they liked what I did.” Previously best known as Hogwarts student Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies, Enoch — whose father, William Russell, was one of the original cast members of Doctor Who — auditioned via Skype with Murder creator Pete Nowalk, winning the pivotal role of Wes, a seemingly naive law student who gets tangled up in a murder and with his enigmatic professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis).

Enoch says he doesn’t know who committed the aforementioned killing; the actors often learn the show’s big twists when they eyeball the script for the first time. ”There is that excitement of ‘What the hell happens next?”’ he says. ”It brings its challenges, but I understand they’re still writing and putting it together.” Being part of a supersecret project is not an entirely unfamiliar feeling, though. ”It’s a similar thing in a way with the excitement I had as a kid doing Potter: Every time a new book came out, I wanted to know because I loved the books. And then I wanted to know what happened to my character.”