By Esther Zuckerman
September 25, 2014 at 02:31 PM EDT

Lindsay Lohan’s first night on stage in the West End production of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow was a little rough, to say the least—though some are saying her performance can still be salvaged.

Lohan, who plays temporary secretary Karen in Mamet’s tale of Hollywood executives, reportedly missed lines during the opening performance Wednesday—prompting laughter from the audience and one cry of, “Oh my God, it’s so embarrassing,” according to The Daily Beast. An on the scene report from New York magazine notes that things really went downhill for Lohan in the second act. “Lohan forgot a line, and then—less forgivably—broke character briefly to laugh when the line was whispered from the wings,” New York reported. “By the end of her monologue she had been fed four lines, and a fifth prompt arrived before the act’s close.” But Lohan wasn’t the only member of the cast to slip up. Per New York, Richard Schiff—a.k.a. Toby Ziegler of The West Wing—called out for a line right as the play opened.

But Lohan, taking on a role that was originated by Madonna on Broadway, was not indefensible. According to The Daily Beast, “Contrary to some of the Twitter reviews, this was no car crash.” New York itself concluded, “Let’s not overstate this, though: Lohan’s performance wasn’t all bad.”

While Lohan faced intense scrutiny during the play’s first ever performance, it’s still in previews and doesn’t officially open until Oct. 2. Speed-the-Plow runs in London through Nov. 29.