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You may remember that in 2005, there was a new show about people who solved crime using bones. It was called, unsurprisingly, Bones, and it starred the guy from Buffy and Angel and the woman whose younger sister was in Elf. Remember that show? It hasn’t gone anywhere. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that it’s gone everywhere—Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and back again—but it hasn’t gone away. Whether you’ve been watching for a decade or fell off the wagon years ago, we have the ultimate season-by-season guide to get you prepared for tonight’s season 10 premiere.

Season 1: FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) is paired with Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), a forensic anthropologist who uses bones to determine how people died. Brennan works at the Jeffersonian Institution—think Smithsonian—with her team of “squints,” including Hodgins (TJ Thyne), bug guy and secret billionaire; Angela (Michaela Conlin), an artist whose dad just happens to be a member of ZZ Top; and Zack (Eric Millegan), the intern. When they find Brennan’s mother’s body, she discovers that her parents were actually bank robbers on the run, and her dad is still out there.

Season 2: Brennan gets a new boss at the Jeffersonian: Camille Saroyan (Tamara Taylor). Cam and Booth have a history together, but when she’s almost killed, he decides that it’s too dangerous for people in high-risk situations to get involved with each other. Hodgins doesn’t share that concern; after he and Brennan are buried alive by a killer known as the Gravedigger, he admits that he loves Angela. Their wedding is derailed by the news that Angela is already married, thanks to a drunken night in Fiji. Meanwhile, Brennan’s father Max Keenan returns and takes out a corrupt deputy director at the FBI. Booth respects Max for protecting his family, but arrests him anyway.

Season 3: Booth and Brennan are assigned to an FBI psychologist, Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley), to deal with the fact that Booth arrested Brennan’s dad. Max stands trial for murder, but Brennan gives the jury reasonable doubt by implicating herself, so her father goes free. The team closes in on a cannibalistic serial killer known as Gormogon, but they’re left reeling when Gormogon’s apprentice turns out to be… Zack! They manage to work out an insanity plea to keep him out of prison, and Zack is sent to a mental hospital.

Season 4: Angela finds her husband and gets him to sign the divorce papers, but she gets jealous when he sleeps with Cam. Hodgins feels insecure about their relationship, and they break up. Angela briefly reunites with an old girlfriend from college. Cam investigates the murder of a doctor she used to live with and adopts his now teenage daughter, and Brennan meets Booth’s brother Jared. Their father was a drunk, and Booth protects his brother by taking the hit for all of his mistakes. Brennan decides that she wants a baby and asks Booth to be the donor, but plans change when they learn that Booth has a brain tumor. While in a coma, he dreams that he and Brennan are married and wakes up unable to separate the dream from reality.

Season 5: Booth tries to get back to normal and process the realization that he’s in love with Brennan. After telling Sweets the story of their first case together—they kissed, but it all fell apart with a huge fight—Booth kisses Brennan and asks her to give their relationship a chance, but she thinks that she’ll only hurt him. They both try dating other people. Brennan joins an archaeological dig in Indonesia because she thinks that the distance will help her sort out her life, so Booth accepts an offer to train soldiers in Afghanistan. Hodgins and Angela get back together, marry, and decide to spend the year in Paris.

Season 6: Booth comes back from Afghanistan with a girlfriend, a reporter named Hannah, and Brennan realizes that she made a mistake turning him down. She tells Booth how she feels, but he’s committed to his relationship with Hannah. He proposes; Hannah tells him that she’s not the marrying kind, so they break up. Booth and Brennan eventually decide that they’re almost ready to be together. Hodgins and Angela have a son and name him Michael Vincent, after the intern who was killed by a bullet meant for Booth. Brennan tells Booth that she’s pregnant, and he’s the father.

Season 7: Booth and Brennan move in together and have a daughter, named after Brennan’s mom, Christine, but serial killer Christopher Pelant targets the team and frames Brennan for murder. As the FBI prepares to arrest her, Brennan and her dad conspire to go on the run. To avoid implicating Booth, she doesn’t tell him what she’s planning; she just takes their daughter and drives off, leaving Booth and the squints to exonerate her.

Season 8: The team proves Brennan’s innocence, but Pelant tricks the system and escapes custody. Booth and Brennan readjust to their life under one roof, which grows to include Sweets after he breaks up with his girlfriend Daisy. Booth reconciles with his mom, who left Booth and Jared to be raised by their grandfather. Cam begins dating intern Arastoo. Brennan proposes to Booth and he accepts, but Pelant orders him to call off the wedding. If he marries Brennan, or even explains why they can’t marry, five people will die. Booth is forced to tell Brennan that he thinks a wedding is a bad idea.

Season 9: Booth and Brennan find Pelant, who says that there’s a Ghost Killer only he knows how to catch. Booth shoots him anyway. Booth and Brennan are married. For their vows, Brennan reads the letter that she wrote to him when she and Hodgins were buried alive. Hodgins discovers that he has a brother while looking into a case involving an old friend named Trent McNamara; evidence points to McNamara as a murderer, but Brennan suspects that he was framed by the Ghost Killer, who turns out to be McNamara’s own sister. The McNamaras are part of a conspiracy that our team is too close to, so a congressman publicly discredits Booth by revealing classified information about his time as a sniper. Booth lures three operatives to his home, all of whom are probably responsible for murdering other people who got too close to the truth about the McNamaras. He fights back, but the FBI takes him into custody and charges him with killing unarmed agents.

And now we just have to wait to see if orange truly is the new black for Booth. Be sure to check out this first look before catching the premiere at 8 p.m. ET tonight on Fox.

—Kelly Connolly