September 25, 2014 at 04:55 PM EDT

Since Disney revealed its first animated Marvel film, Big Hero 6, the plump robot Baymax has been at the heart of the promotional campaign. His presence has steadily grown from trailer to poster to clip, and the upcoming release’s latest trailer isn’t just heavy on the Baymax love. It makes him the star.

The film’s second official trailer begins with Tadashi Hamada attempting to actually build Baymax, with the original intent of making him a healthcare assistant. But Tadashi’s younger brother Hiro inherits the Scott Adsit-voiced Baymax, and enlists his help in taking down a super villain attacking their home of San Fransokyo.

The trailer also shows off more of all six heroes, who have taken a backseat in previous trailers to introducing the film’s central premise. There are a few repeat jokes from previous trailers, like Baymax’s leaky arm and low battery, but there are plenty more gags here from a movie that looks to be full of them. Hopefully there will be more amusing eccentricities for Baymax the kind protector and armored fighter left to showcase when the film releases on Nov. 7.

Don Hall
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