By Teresa Jue
Updated September 24, 2014 at 07:20 PM EDT

In terms of Hollywood talent agencies known by their all-powerful three-lettered acronym, there’s CAA, WME, UTA, and…STA?

Nerdist skewers superheros and the agency life in their video series, “Nerdist Presents,” for a sketch called “STA: Superhero Talent Agency.” The video depicts Tina and Marques Champlagne as the slick and foul-mouthed co-heads of STA, a talent agency that represents superheroes, and the Champlagnes aren’t too thrilled by Superman getting the People’s Sexiest Hero Alive cover over client Steve Rogers (Captain America).

From banishing older superheroes from the client roster to losing Gambit to MAA (Mutant Artists Agency), the video does a pretty good job of parodying the lives of the Ari Golds of the world while inserting some superhero inside jokes (“No Mr. Nymga, I don’t want to answer a riddle, so please stop wasting the agency’s time”).

In real-life though, actors aren’t as calm as The Hulk after a gifting mix-up at the CMAs (jokes).